A tactical combat boardgame for 2-6 players.

Welcome to the Future

It's a cold, heartless place, cityscape stretching to every horizon, the days dark with smog and the nights bright with neon, and always, always raining. This is the world of randomviolence - a fast-paced (not so) tactical combat game that's as easy to pick up as a loaded shotgun, with vast replayability through an immense combination of characters, weapons, equipment, maps and missions.

What You Get

A combination of photo-realistic artwork and hand-drawn graphics mounted on thick board or card-stock. You can see some small samples here.

In each copy of randomviolence there are:

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There are two different sets of randomviolence, completely compatible with one another, simply featuring a different mix of mercenaries, maps and weapons. Order "Osaka Street Samurai (A)" or "Osaka No Exit (B)" if you know you have one and want the other.

You can use the buttons below to buy using paypal (all major credit / debit cards accepted). If you want to buy multiple games, or have a special order or question, please email me at , and put randomviolence in the title to get past my spam filters.

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